Meet Josh Owens

Josh is an educator, an entrepreneur, a husband, and a life-long Hoosier. As CEO of Indianapolis-based SupplyKick, one of the nation’s fastest growing online retailers, Josh has put Hoosiers first with a minimum $50,000 salary for all team members at the company, while helping small businesses navigate the thrive in the online retail space. SupplyKick has been recognized nationally for its success by Inc. Magazine, the Indianapolis Business Journal, and TechPoint Indiana.

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The Bold Vision Hoosiers Want

Josh Owens knows how to make Indiana work for everyone. From teaching over 2,000 Hoosier students to building one of Indiana’s fastest growing businesses, Josh is a leader in driving our new economy.

The world is changing, and Indiana must lead. As governor, Josh will increase public school teacher pay, eliminate textbook fees for public school students, and make life-long learning accessible and affordable. He will defend Hoosiers from discrimination and deliver higher worker wages.

Josh will decriminalize marijuana and increase the smoking age, strengthen firearm background checks on all gun purchases, and foster climate change innovation to protect every Hoosier community.

The future is about how we attract and develop talent, and our 16-year-old policies just won’t cut it anymore.